Show Me the Love!

You might be surprised to know you’ve been thought of often with much appreciation over the last three years (or is it four?) since you helped us remodel our kitchen. People who come to our house for the first time continue to comment on what a great kitchen it is and that didn’t happen before the remodel.
Besides that, the reason you come to my mind so often is because of the fabulous free-standing island / workspace / kitchen table you found for us. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Just last Saturday, I invited my mother and sister over to make a supply of appetizers to have on hand for the holidays. You should have seen the three of us around that huge and beautiful wood block top. We had fillings and flour and pastries and cups of tea everywhere we rolled, filled, chatted, and laughed together for a couple hours. Then in a wink, we cleaned it all up and transformed the space into the normal kitchen “table” where the three of us plus children and husbands shared a take-out Chinese feast.
I just wanted to let you know what a difference your good advice and help made to the success of the remodel and the enjoyment we will have for many years to come. -Christin & Bill G.

I had the opportunity to work with The Diva on a small remodel of my home (paint, carpet, tile and powder bath). The quality of work is excellent and her attention to detail is exceptional. I enjoyed the transformation, and have had nothing but compliments on her work and the care that was taken. She is bound and determined to provide quality service and will not settle for less. Tenacious. Throughout the process, I was impressed with her professionalism and her ability to work so quickly and efficiently. Her desire to insure that the customer is satisfied is amazing! I can’t wait to move forward with the Kitchen remodel plans she designed! – Renee B.

We recently had the privilege to work with Elizabeth on a complete remodel of our home. She was extremely knowledgeable, extremely attentive to detail and, unlike all of the trades people we worked with, she actually does what she says she is going to do and shows up when she says she will — what a concept!! However, she never laughed, although she perhaps should have at some of our ideas. She kept us on task and gently steered us away from budget busters, although we found plenty on our own. We would not hesitate to call her for assistance again, which indeed I did today for another project. – David H.

During the recent expansion of the New Mexico Ronald McDonald House, I had the good fortune to work with Elizabeth, who was part of the Interior Design team. From the beginning of this 18 month project, Elizabeth was the go-to person. Whenever we considered using a new material, she would reply with, “Hold on a minute…I’ve got a sample of that in my trunk.” Her design ability resulted in some wonderful material and color selections, her attention to detail ensured timely decisions, and her knowledge of the construction process proved invaluable throughout the project. It was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth and I highly recommend her multi-faceted abilities. I wonder what else is in her trunk? – Sandy Mann, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico

We had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on a kitchen remodel in the summer of 2007. We were very satisfied and appreciative of the work she did for us from choosing colors, picking granite, and selecting lighting fixtures. She was also helpful in recommending reliable sub-contractors. The electrical contractor she recommended was outstanding!
What we liked most was Elizabeth’s flexibility in providing consultative services. She didn’t insist on doing everything herself. If we felt we could do the legwork and selection, she gave us resources to consider and options to follow and let us make the decision. This saved us money and we were grateful for her flexibility. Elizabeth was considerate of the cost of materials and gave us good choices to consider – if we wanted to use a lower cost option or a higher cost option, she was okay with the choice.
By the end of the work, we considered Elizabeth to be part of the family and were sorry that the project had to end. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering a project such as ours. – Jim & Jan Preston