Project Management

“Type A personalities unite!”

As a teenager, I used to measure the distance of the plants and figurines on my desk in my room. Uptight you say? Early signs of OCD? No, I just like to be well organized. At one of my first jobs out of high school, my co-workers would regularly dump out my desk supplies all over my work surface. Ok, it WAS funny!
Managing a project successfully requires focused attention to details, commitment, flexibility, and patience. In a Kitchen remodel, for example, scheduling contracted workers and the delivery and installation of products will make or break the project’s defined time constraints. Being without your Kitchen for 6-8 weeks is more stressful than the dollar signs floating around in your head. Successful project management will maintain a fluid pace towards job completion. I realize how much you have on your plate (no pun intended!) after you’ve picked out materials, let Design Diva handle all the details for you.