Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Before I started design school, I struggled with the “What should I do with the rest of my life?” question since I graduated from high school. I needed something that would always challenge me and allow me to grow and learn. When you begin design school, you realize that there are just as many avenues to go down within the design field itself as there are other careers. In my first year, my Furniture Design class went on a field trip to a custom cabinetry showroom and my light finally went on! I knew at that moment that I was born to be wild, er, uh, I mean,  I was born to specialize in Kitchen & Bath Design.

Previously working in the restaurant industry for 17 years afforded me the opportunity to truly understand the intimacy of our communion with food. I love to bake and cook for others and based on my weight gain over the last few years, I guess I like to eat it too! Don’t stand between a woman and her cheesecake and mashed potatoes and bread smothered with butter, you get the idea!

All kidding aside, Kitchen design is a perfect union of my restaurant experience, mad organizational skills and love of everything that is or involves food! My passion allows me to bring energy to each client’s project and maintain the level of excitement and commitment that is required for completion. My appreciation of function and efficiency drives my design. I understand the personality of a kitchen and how it should relate in regards to storage, food preparation, circulation, aesthetics, and most importantly, its occupants. Every cook and family is individual, so versatility is a key component to successfully designing a space for others. After all, it is your kitchen and it needs to work for how you function in the space!