01 Apr 2014

Was your home built before 1978?

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Lead paint testing is required in pre-1978 homes before any demo or remodeling is performed by a hired contractor. The homeowner may test for lead paint with a kit from Home Depot, but they often produce false positive results. You can hire an environmental agency to conduct the testing (I use Weecycle Environmental Consulting in Boulder) and results are available immediately. You only test the areas you are disturbing. If you are positive for lead paint, a lead-certified remediation company must conduct the demo and provide air clearance tests before the contractor can come in and start the remodeling, although some contractors are also lead-certified remediators. Remediation prices can range from a few thousand to several thousand dollars, so make sure you check 3-4 companies before hiring one to do the remediation (I use Elite Environmental, Brook @ 303-674-5437). The other option is that the homeowner can do their own demo and note this on the EPA Renovate Right Brochure; a copy should be sent to the local EPA contact to avoid any issues during remodeling.

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