Bath Design & Remodeling

“The other end.” (Insert laughter here)

We all have needs. The most basic of these are the physiological needs to breathe, sleep, and satisfy hunger, thirst, and sex. And then there’s the other end. I know, gross. Bathrooms are an incredibly intimate and private space. As primarily functional spaces, bathrooms also require special attention to detail in regards to appropriate clearances, safety and code issues, and aging in place considerations. While there are typically fewer material and fixture decisions to make in bathroom design, many of today’s clients want their bathrooms to be an oasis where they can relax and escape the hectic pace of their lives. Features such as steam showers, oversized showers with therapeutic shower heads, chromatherapy whirlpool tubs, radiant heat, towel warmers, ample storage and TV’s have become the norm. Space permitting, your bathroom can be your own personal spa